Oakland Park


The Charm of Old-Florida Returns

Oakland Park’s layout was inspired by small towns of the early twentieth century. Houses are close to the street to foster social interaction while creating picturesque streetscapes. The natural environment is integrated in a way that entices you to get out and enjoy life, and everything is designed to connect you with the experiences and activities you desire.  Preservation of old-Florida’s character and craftsmanship creates a stunning sanctuary you’ll want to call home.

RCB Homes is proud to be one of a select group of custom home builders working in Oakland Park.  Follow the link below to learn more about this amazing community.

Oakland Park Website

Site Plan

The Beauty of Old-Florida’s Nature and Architectural Charm


The community provides abundant open space, including trails, parks, recreational areas, a community garden, Lake Brim and expansive Lake Apopka. Approximately 258 acres, Oakland Park follows the natural grade of the land, which slopes up from the shoreline of Lake Apopka and provides lake views for many homes.

Please contact RCB Homes or visit the RCB Homes’ sales model to discuss available lots for building your dream home.

Floor Plans

RCB Homes is custom home builder and can design or modify any floor plan to fit your specific need.  All designs must conform to the architectural design guidelines of Oakland Park and are subject to final approval by the Oakland Park Architectural Review Board.

The floor plans and elevations below have been developed specifically for Oakland Park and have already been approved by the Architectural Review Board.  Plan modifications may be required to fit specific lots.

Most floor plans can be incorporated into your elevation of choice. See the different approved elevations for Oakland Park here.

All homes built by RCB Homes at Oakland Park are certified green by the Florida Green Building Coalition as well as EPA Energy Star Certified.  Please click on the links below to learn about the benefits of these energy efficient and environmentally friendly programs.




Standard Features

RCB Homes at Oakland Park
Standard Features
Revised: 11/20/2020


1.     Structure

Foundation The home shall have a stem wall foundation, at the builder’s discretion, with a 4″ reinforced concrete slab. If two story, the second floor deck shall be wood frame construction with wood floor joists with ¾” subflooring, glued and nailed to the floor joists.

Pest Control The foundation shall be treated for subterranean termites by builder’s selected subcontractor. A renewable one year termite warranty (from treatment date) shall be issued to the homeowner.

Exterior Walls The exterior house walls shall be masonry block construction on the first floor and 2 x 6 frame construction on the second floor (if applicable) with ½” “Zip System” wall sheathing. The exterior walls shall be finished with a cementitious stucco finish or cement plank siding over the block in block areas, with a cementitious stucco finish over tar paper backed lathe or cement plank siding on the wood frame areas.

Interior Walls Interior walls will be framed out of wood.

Roof The roof structure will be composed of engineered wood trusses with 4-ply CDX plywood sheathing. The roof will be finished with an asphalt architectural dimensional shingle in choice of standard colors. Cement roof tile or metal may be available and will incur an additional cost.

Banding Stucco banding details around doors and windows shall be per plan. All banding to be stucco unless specifically identified as cement trim or architectural foam or pre-cast concrete in the contract addenda.

2.     Insulation

The frame exterior walls and garage to living area walls will have open cell spray foam insulation to a thickness of 3.5 inches. The masonry exterior walls will have foam open cell insulation installed in open cells. The living area roof deck will have foam open-cell insulation.

3.     Windows

The Home shall have White or Almond Vinyl, Low-e, Insulated Glass (double pane) windows. Aluminum screens will be included on all operating windows except those opening into screened in areas of a pool enclosure or screened lanai. Buyer may opt for tinted windows or other window options at an additional charge.

4.     Cabinets

All cabinets shall be Forevermark Cabinets in choice of style/color with soft close hinges and soft close undermount drawers. The cabinets have plywood boxes and dovetail drawers. The standard layout will be designed for drawers over all base cabinet doors, 2 drawer bases in the Kitchen, 42” upper wall cabinets, standard crown molding, standard light rail, and a pullout cabinet for a trash bin. Bathrooms shall include a vanity base at each sink with drawer bases based on space available. All exposed ends and exposed island backs have wood veneer facing. An allowance of $5.00 per knob is included for Top Knob brand knobs at builder cost (50% off list price). Some examples of cabinet upgrades available at additional cost would be: Upgraded molded door designs, roll-out shelves, columns, fluted fillers, decorative end panels on exposed ends and island back, furniture feet and/or baseboard, appliqués, glass doors, cabinet layout changes, etc.

Outdoor Kitchen (Optional) Metal framing with PVC beadboard or stucco base cabinets with tiled countertop and backsplash. These are priced per plan and design with prices generally ranging from $3000 – $6000. Stainless Steel Grills can be added for typical cost of about $1200-$5500. Outdoor Kitchens are only included if specifically described in the contract, regardless of notations on plans and blueprints.

Built-ins Priced on an individual basis based upon size, design and materials.

5.     Countertops

Kitchen, Wet/Dry Bar, Utility and Bathroom Countertops These countertops shall be Level 2-3 Granite ($45.00/sf allowance) in 3 cm thickness with a standard edge treatment (Bullnose, Eased, Beveled or Square) and 4” backsplash. Kitchen and wet bar back splashes shall be ceramic tile with a material allowance of $8.00 per square foot with up to 40sf of tile standard. Backsplash heights will be standard 18” tall under cabinets and 36” over a standard 30” wide cooktop.

6.     Appliances

The total appliance allowance shall be $7500.00 – This is designed to apply to the following Stainless Steel Appliances:

  • Refrigerator
  • 30″ Range
  • 30″ Range Hood
  • Dishwasher
  • Microwave Drawer

Other appliance configurations may incur other costs depending on layout.
Appliance overages will be charged at cost plus 20%

7.     Closet Shelving

The Home shall include an allowance equivalent to $1.00 per square foot of air-conditioned space in the house (e.g. 3000 sq.ft. house receives a $3000.00 custom shelving allowance).

8.     Doors and Door Hardware

Front Entry Door System Front entry doors shall be per plan. An allowance of $1,000 is included to provide front doors and front door hardware.

Door Hardware Interior and Exterior Door hardware shall be selected from the Kwikset Signature series in choice of finish. Bedrooms and Bathrooms shall have a “Privacy” lockset with “Passage” and/or “Dummy” locksets used on all other doors as applicable. Other interior door hardware finishes & styles are available at an additional cost.

Interior Pocket Doors All interior pocket doors shall be standard series hardboard 1-3/8″ embossed panel hollow core doors and shall have a Pocket Privacy lock.

Interior Prehung Doors All interior swing doors shall be standard series hardboard 1-3/8″ embossed panel hollow core smooth or wood grain finish doors with 3 hinges in a for 6’8″ high doors and 4 hinges for 8′ high doors. 8’ doors shall be used throughout home except where modified by either plans or structural requirements (e.g. Lintel or beam heights) Solid Core and/or raised molded doors are available at an added cost.

Bi-fold/Bypass Doors All Interior Bi-fold or Bypass doors shall be hardboard 1-3/8″ 6 panel hollow core doors (Per Plan).

9.     Finishes

Interior The interior walls and ceilings shall have a “knockdown” textured finish over 1/2″ drywall board. The interior drywall can have square or round corner bead except for bathrooms and windows which shall be square bead.

Tray Ceilings The home will include two standard interior tray ceilings (single step, double step, or 45-degree trays). Other tray ceiling designs are available at additional cost.

Lanai and Covered Entry Porch The Front and Rear Lanai ceilings shall have screw fastened cementitious bead board finish. Stucco and T&G Cypress ceilings are available at an additional charge.

10.     Paint

The home shall be painted with Florida Paints 2200 flat paint or equivalent on the interior, and Sunflex satin paint or equivalent on the exterior. The interior paint will be applied over drywall texture. Up to two interior paint colors may be chosen for the walls and ceilings, and a third color choice for trim is provided. Should additional colors be used for various rooms the buyer will be charged $300.00 per additional color in rooms and $150.00 for accent colors in niches or tray ceilings. If dark toned, more opaque colors are used, the Buyers will be charged additionally due to the additional work required. Flat paint will be used on all walls and ceilings, which shall be sprayed and backrolled. All trim and doors will be painted with two coats of semi-gloss paint. The tops of all doors will be painted. In wallpaper areas, “PreWall” covering primer can be used at an additional charge at Buyer’s request. All metal and fiberglass doors will have acrylic latex enamel primer, if not primed, with one coat exterior latex semi gloss. Alternate wall paint finishes (satin, eggshell, etc.) are available at an additional cost.

11.     Moldings

Window Sills he home will have tile window sills in showers and painted wood/MDF windowsills in all other areas.

Casing and Baseboards The home will have 2 5/8” chair rail paint grade casing and 5 1/4″ wood/MDF paint grade baseboards. All casing and baseboards will be painted and have both glued and mitered joints. No casings are included around windows or sliding glass doors.

Crown Molding & Chair rail The home will come with an allowance of 10 linear feet of 5 1/4″ paint grade, finger jointed crown molding or 2 3/8” paint grade chair rail per 100 sq.ft. of total A/C square footage (eg. A 4,000 A/C sq.ft. home shall have an allowance of 400 linear ft. of moldings). 4 ¼”” crown molding may be used when crown molding is specified within a recessed ceiling for fit. Stained or flexible moldings will count as double actual linear footage for allowance and pricing purposes. Many trim upgrades are available such as larger crown molding, larger baseboards, custom paneling, beams, corbels and a broad range of stained material.

12.     Bath Accessories/Shower Enclosures/Mirrors

The following Bath Accessories are included in the Home:

Master and Secondary Bath Hardware – An allowance of $150.00 for the master bath and $75.00 for each additional bath is included for bath hardware (towel rods, toilet tissue holders, hooks, etc.).

Shower Enclosures – Shower enclosures in Master Baths and Secondary Shower Baths are to have clear tempered glass with metal trim and finish to match the bathroom plumbing fixtures. A shower rod is included in secondary tub/baths. Frameless glass enclosures are available at additional cost.

Vanity Mirrors – All vanities will have full width mirrors with polished edges on exposed ends, and will be installed to the wall with adhesive and clips to a height of 7’ above finished floor. Standard Hanging Framed mirrors may also be available without upgrade based on standard mirror credit per mirror. Custom Mirror framing and/or applied beveled mirror trims are available at an additional cost.

Medicine Cabinets- Medicine cabinets are not included in the house unless specifically requested and included in the contract or by change order.

13.     Carpet

The home includes a carpet allowance of $16.00 per square yard for the following areas: All Bedrooms and Upstairs areas, Den/Study, Stairs, and Bonus Rooms (if applicable). Should Buyer choose more than one color and/or style of carpet, Buyer will incur additional cost of $300 for each additional carpet style or color to cover the cost of the additional material waste. Carpet will be installed over either 10lb memory foam pad or lesser as required to not void carpet warranty.

14.     Main Floor Tile/Wood

The home includes tile or wood in the following areas: Foyer, Kitchen, Family Room, Dining or Morning Room or Breakfast Nook, Utility Room, Connected Hallways, and all Bathrooms. Note: Should Buyer choose to have tile installed on the diagonal, with smaller grout joints or butt set or other non-standard patterns, Buyer will incur additional costs for labor and material, as a result of increased labor and material waste. The floor tile material allowance shall be $2.50 per square foot, wood or vinyl plank allowance shall be $3.50/ft. Wood Allowance is for a ‘floating’ wood floor, glue down wood floors add $1.00/sf to cost, so allowance would be equal to $2.50 per square foot for that type of installation.

15.     Other Tile

The wall tile in the shower and tub wall areas shall have a material allowance of $3.00 per square foot (linear foot for bullnose tiles) in the master bath and $2.55 per square foot (linear foot for bullnose tiles) in all other bathrooms. An allowance of $250.00 in Master Bath and $100 in secondary full baths is provided for listello and decorative tiles. Shower Floor Tile shall have a material allowance of $10.00 per square foot. Some optional extras are Niches ($150-$300 depending on size) and shower seats/benches ($200 and up depending on size).

16.     Plumbing

The home will have continuous “CPVC” type water piping under the slab. All sinks and water closets will have individual shutoffs at each fixture. A recessed box washer connection is included in the Utility Room.

The following plumbing fixtures will be included in the Home:

Sinks and Faucets Water Closets and Tubs
An allowance of $2000.00 for the Master bath, $600.00 for each additional single full bath, $800 for each additional “Jack and Jill” bath and $400.00 for each half bath is included. There is an allowance of $400.00 for the kitchen sink and faucet and $125.00 for the laundry room sink and faucet

Hose Outlets The Home will include 4 hose outlets on the exterior walls.

Water Heaters The home will have a single exterior mounted tankless gas water heater appropriate to the size of the home. Second units are available at additional cost.

Ice Maker Water Line The Home will include a water line for the Kitchen refrigerator ice maker with a remote shut-off under the kitchen sink, where possible, or a valve at the refrigerator location.

17.     Electrical

All electrical switches shall be Leviton non-illuminated “Decora” rocker switches. The home will have Leviton “Lutron” receptacles throughout. All switches and receptacles will be white.

Prewires The Builder will provide prewiring for ceiling fans in the Leisure Room, all Bedrooms, Bonus Room, Den and Lanai. Up to 4 ceiling fans may be installed at no additional charge. Each additional fan installation after 4 shall be charged at $100 per fan.

Structured Wiring The Builder will provide a Structured Wiring System to support networking and media distribution in the Home. All wiring shall be RG6 Quad Shield coaxial cable and Category 5E data cable to each jack location. Six locations for each are included in each home.

Stereo Wiring Pre-wires may be contracted at Buyer’s request at an additional charge.

Exterior Outlets the Builder will provide 4 exterior weatherproof outlets on the exterior of the home.

18.     Electrical Fixtures

The following electrical fixtures are included in the Home. The quantities and locations are in accordance with the specific home plan selected:

  • Recessed Lights
  • Recessed Lights for Tub and Shower
  • Fluorescent Strip Lights
  • Door Bell
  • Chime
  • Exhaust Fans
  • Exhaust Fan with Light
  • Soffit Mounted Double Flood Light

An allowance of $1.00 per A/C sq.ft. is provided for all other lighting fixtures throughout the home

19.     Gas

Propane A propane tank to be buried under ground. NOTE: Does not include fuel. The tank is rented through the gas company. The Homeowner will be billed for first fill from the gas company.

Natural Gas In natural gas ready home sites, natural gas connection will be provided in lieu of propane tank.

Both categories include drops to the Kitchen range and water heater. Any additional gas drops will be an additional cost.

20.     Air Conditioning, Heating, and Ventilation

Air Conditioning The home will have a 15-SEER Electric Heat Pump System for heating and cooling the home. The number of units in the system, their size(s) and zoning, if any, shall be determined by the actual heat load requirement calculations, performed by our heating and cooling engineers and provided to the County for permitting of the home. The systems are engineered for each individual home and its orientation on the particular home site.

Ventilation All baths shall have bath fans ducted to the outside. Island cook-tops, if applicable, will be vented under the slab to the exterior. This will be an added cost to the Buyer depending on the Cooktop chosen. Standard counter cook-tops will have a hood vented to the exterior. A vent for the Buyer’s clothes dryer will be provided and vented to the outside through the roof, or through the wall, if the dryer is located on an outside wall.

21.     Garage

The home will have a Clopay Model 73 non-insulated 1-layer steel garage door(s) or equivalent that meets wind-code requirements and comes with a 3-year limited warranty. Garage doors will be equipped with 1/3 horsepower garage door opener(s). The Buyer will be provided with two remote controls for each garage door. The garage walls will be scored masonry with a drywall ‘knockdown’ texture applied. The garage floor will have a 2-part epoxy applied in a tan color with decorative “sprinkles” applied.

22.     Pools

A pool allowance may be added to the home for the installation of a standard pool, rear deck (to include lanai), and pool fencing. The Buyer will meet with the Builder’s pool contractor to design a pool for the Buyer, endeavoring to meet the Buyer’s design requirements and budgeted allowance. The pool will be priced to the buyer at cost plus 20%. Pools constructed outside of this contract or with any other pool contractor must be started after the home is complete and turned over to the homeowner

23.     Gutters

No gutters are included with the home. Gutters may be added at an additional charge to the Buyer.

24.     Site Related Features

Included in the price of the home are the following site related items:

Driveway, Walks Concrete Driveway and walks are included standard per plan

Rear Lanais Rear Lanais shall be standard gray based paver in Buyer’s selection of color and style. Buyer may also choose to have poured concrete in lieu of pavers. This decision must be made prior to house start.

Public Sidewalks Include installation to match existing layouts.

Sod and Irrigation Included is a fully sodded yard with up to a 6-zone irrigation system. Larger required irrigation systems will incur additional costs

Landscape Package Included is a $4,500 allowance for plant materials, mulch and installation labor.

Surveys and Permits Included is the cost of all house location surveys and building permits and impact fees.

25.     Interior Design Assistance

Included in the base price of the home are the services of a Design Consultant. Services include assistance in selecting all interior and exterior finishes and colors. Four 2.5hour design meetings are included for this service. Additional meetings will be billed to the Buyer at $250 per meeting with each meeting to last up to 2.5 hours.

26.     Selection Sheets

Selection sheets are maintained by Builder and utilized for determining the finishes in the home, however, Buyer may request copies of Selection Sheets from Builder. In the event the home purchased was a “spec” or Seller-financed unit, Buyer should be aware that all selections will be those selected by Design Consultant unless a change is first agreed to and then executed either by new selection sheet or duly paid change order.

27.     Conflict Between Contract and Plans

In the event of a conflict between these specifications, the contract and/or the house plans, the conflict shall be resolved with the following priority: Contract shall govern first, these Specifications second, the House Plans third.


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