Building With RCB

RCB has successfully completed a variety of projects, both large and small, in numerous locations, for a diverse group of clients. Regardless of the type of project, RCB has identified the following key project drivers that ensure quality, efficiency, and success.

Responsive Service 
Communication between, owner, contractor, and subcontractor is integral to the success of any project. RCB commits to having adequate supervision in place at all times and being available at all times to respond to questions or convey information to or from the client. Small problems not addressed immediately invariably become bigger problems.

Cost Control
There are many good builders. However, not all builders spend the time and effort to find the best subcontractor at the best price. RCB collects numerous bids, selects the best subcontractor or material supplier for the job, and then aggressively supervises the constructions to ensure quality products are getting delivered. This allows RCB to pass the cost savings on to our clients. Our goal is always to give a client the best “bang for the buck”.

Innovative and Creative Solutions
Traditional approaches may not always be the answer. RCB prides itself on its innovative problem solving abilities. “Because that’s how we have always done it” is not the right answer to any question or problem. RCB will look for the best way to address a problem or challenge.

Project Management
In addition to construction expertise, effective project management from project planning through project completion is essential. Scope, schedule, and budget are the fundamentals that RCB embraces. Detailed schedules, attention to detail, and focused tracking of project costs allow RCB and clients to make real-time decisions to keep the project on track and on budget.

The key project drivers are applied to every project from start to finish. When building with RCB you will initially meet with an owner who will also be the project manager throughout the duration of the project. We will discuss your vision for the project and help coordinate the architecture with one of our architects or one of yours. We will provide input to help ensure architecture and design is consistent with a client’s desired budget.

Early in the project planning stage the client will be introduced to the project team which in addition to the project manager will include an onsite project supervisor and a design coordinator. The process will be clearly explained. Once we get started selections will be tracked with easy to use selection forms, schedules will be generated and updated with scheduling software, and progress photo’s will be available online. Budget information will be updated routinely with our financial software and reports made available as requested. Meetings will be held as needed to ensure the client is up to speed and comfortable with all aspects of the project.

Once the project is complete RCB will walk the client through a detailed orientation of the project. RCB warranties all work for 1 year and is available to assist far beyond that.